Connecting UX consultants and real users


Interactius is a strategic design agency based in Barcelona that analyzes, diagnoses and optimizes the customer experience of different digital services and products.

(an academic project carried out at Ironhack’s UX/UI bootcamp)

What I did

UX: Research, problem statement, value proposition, UX writing.

Interaction: Jobs to be done, user flow, lo and mid-fidelity prototype, tests.

UI: Hi-fidelity interactive prototype, accessibility validation.


Two-week sprint.

Alejandra Rivera and André Giacomucci.

Project goals

To create an MVP for an online application for recruiting users.


Research goals

Learn the recruitment process on Interactius.

Learn about people’s experience in user research projects.

Research methods

Client interview

Secondary sources


Key findings

The motivation that most influences participation in research is the economic incentive.

Gift cards are the incentives that work best to ensure the attendance of people. They adapt to any audience and respond to the rise of electronic commerce.

Transparency about the process and information about the recruitment makes people more confident to participate in the research and act responsibly.

The problem

Interactius needs to manage the process of recruiting users for research purposes autonomously and efficiently, while the user needs clear and precise information about the project in which he participates since currently the process for both parties is fragmented and generates tension, uncertainty and an unprofessional result.

Value proposition

An online platform that acts as a connector between Interactius and the participating users of a research project, through an autonomous, efficient and precise recruitment process that allows them to have control over all phases of the process.

Creative concept: The bridge

A bridge is built to provide passage over an obstacle, it connects two sides — as our solution.

With that idea, we got inspired to create the name and logo of our solution. We wanted to deliver a unique name that had a connection with our client. So we used a word in Catalan to bring this special touch that you can only find in Cataluña:

The logo represents a connection between 2 points while the bridge also has a form of a U. Our goal was to convey clarity in a friendly and approachable manner.

The solution

We used Jobs to be done to discuss, organize and evaluate what we should have on the MVP.
Jobs to be done — Interactius
Jobs to be done — User/Participant
The user flow allowed us to design how both users will interact with the platform and understand when the system had to send notifications. The image below is the “happy flow” for the MVP.
Since we have two different users on our platform, we created 2 high fidelity prototypes. Here I will highlight the most important steps of each journey.


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